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    Baytown & Houston Altus Hospital In-patient & Outpatient Surgery Center offer the community access to the latest healthcare technology, along with the highest quality personalized care.



    Altus Hospital in Baytown & Houston offer a unique multi-modality radiology department that offers advanced diagnostic services using cutting-edge imaging technology.



    Altus Baytown Hospital offers a pain management surgical center. Our patients for whom traditional treatment has not been successful can find relief for their chronic pain through a variety of surgical alternatives.



    The newly designed Altus Women’s Center is changing the way that the women and men of Baytown receive lifesaving breast cancer screenings and diagnostics procedures. This is exclusive to Altus Baytown Hospital.


    Insurance Information

    The law guarantees coverage & treatment for a true emergency. We will process and file a claim with all major insurance companies on your behalf. View Insurance Information.

    Patient Advocate

    Our Patient Advocate department plays an essential role in delivering quality medical care and creating a positive patient experience.  Please see our Billing FAQs.

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    Safe, secure and hassle-free medical billing.  Click through to our secure billing portal and please feel free to reach out to a Patient Advocate if you need assistance.

    Why Choose Altus Hospital ER’s?

    If you or a loved one are having a medical emergency, Altus Hospital and its network of emergency rooms are the best ER option in Baytown and Houston. Our emergency rooms deliver the most comprehensive emergency care in the area. To ensure we provide the best care for our patients, we have built a team of the most experienced ER physicians, nurses, technicians, and clinical staff, available to assess your needs 24/7 every day of the year.