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We’ve all made new year’s resolutions towards our health only to end up not going through with them. Making a resolution does not mean you would be setting yourself up for failure. Sometimes, the best change we can make comes first from the baby steps we take in the beginning that later help push us to make the big change that we truly need.

Here are six common health-focused new year’s resolutions that often fail throughout the year. Also, some tips and tricks to keep you on track for each one to carry through well into 2018. Slipping up can be easy, but making a plan for yourself ahead of time can ensure you see your goal through the new year.

Eating healthier

Most people agree that they would like to be able to eat healthier meals throughout the day. Some of us tend to do well in the beginning for breakfast and lunch, but take a quick downfall towards dinner or late at night. Curving cravings can be difficult but not impossible. First, make sure you are staying hydrated. Not drinking enough water may present some nasty side effects like hunger for things you wouldn’t normally want to eat, or thirst for overly sugary drinks like caramel fraps and sodas. Second, snack smart by having controlled amounts of fruit, veggies, or nuts handy and at your desk so you don’t wander to the cafe or break room for candy or cupcakes. A final, great way to maintain your healthy eating is to plan out your meals for the week. Make sure you have enough food with enough nutrients and it will get harder to stray away. Eating healthy takes time, so cutting yourself off from your favorites makes you more likely to fail. In the end, don’t worry if you give in every now and again.

Put the pack down

Another habit that would be beneficial to break is smoking. Cigarettes are known to contain a number of chemicals that can be severely harmful to the body. Maybe you’ve thought, “I’ll quit one day.” Well, what about today? Rather than quitting cold turkey in 2018, get a head start on your new year’s resolution and be prepared when January 1st hits. Smoking is a leading cause of cancer. In fact, smoking causes 1 in every 5 deaths in the U.S. alone. Plus, the average smoker spends about $1,500-$3,300 a year on the habit. Imagine all that extra money in your pocket going towards an amazing trip or emergency expense. Along with some of the bigger payoffs, by quitting smoking, you can also make way for younger-looking skin, brighter teeth, and healthier gums. So put the pack away and opt for gum, drink water, or pick up a new workout routine to ease the jitters and stop the cigarettes.

Get up and go

Another popular goal most people make each year is to get more exercise and be more active. Again, the best way to go about this goal may be starting with smaller steps. Going for the most intense workout could cause yourself to become discouraged, or even worse, injured. You want to make sure you’re planning your new goal based on the fitness level you’re currently on. For someone who is completely inactive, trying a 15-30 minute walk outside three times a week might be a great place to begin. Write these days in your calendar, set an alarm, tell a friend, or do whatever else is necessary to make sure you stick to your workout plan. If you’re someone who tends to find themselves doing activities you don’t feel are beneficial to this goal—like watching too much TV—tweak these bad habits and turn them into something positive. For example, you can lift weights while you watch. It keeps the blood pumping and you still get to enjoy the shows you love.

Mental yoga

A good amount of people wish to better their overall mental health but don’t know where to begin. Among the many ways to destress, working out is one. If hitting the gym just isn’t on your list of things to do, other hobbies such as painting and writing can help as well. Never be afraid to speak to someone about what is going on in your life. Whether that be a friend or professional, taking some of the weight off of your mind can be a good way to declutter and feel better about yourself. If you’re someone who likes a more visual appeal, physically cleaning and organizing your office or home can make more space in your brain for better things to think about.

Get some shut eye

Getting more sleep seems to be on a ton of people’s agendas along with everything else mentioned above. Little things you do to help yourself shut down at night, can save you some time when you’re really ready to wind down. Set aside your work, and put down your phone. Surfing social media before bed can be harmful to your eyes and your mind when attempting to go to bed. When your brain is searching, it’s not getting the relaxation it needs to be able to come to a stop so you can get to sleep.

Be more proactive

Sometimes, it can feel like it takes an army to stick to your health goals. But realizing you’re not alone can be a huge bonus. This last tip is to keep track of doctors, and dentists appointments. Your health depends on you to maintain the upkeep and sometimes, no one knows better than yourself. If you feel as though you may need to have a thorough checkup, make the call and schedule your appointment today. Keeping your body, teeth, and gums clean and healthy is a simple start to becoming a better you. It all starts with an idea within yourself and only comes to life with true effort and change. Whatever you choose as your goal, invest in a new way to keep it at the top of your priority list. Your health is important. Start 2018 strong and begin your health journey today.