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Altus Hospital in Baytown has announced they will be expanding its emergency room care starting September 1st, 2019.

The expansion is a direct result of ZT Corporate, the owners of Altus Hospital, having partnered with the most prestigious independent emergency centers in town to now serve as ER branches of Altus Hospital.

Altus Baytown ER and Neighbors Emergency Center have operated independently for many years. However, as part of ZT Corporate’s strategy, both emergency centers will now serve as outpatient emergency rooms for Altus Hospital.


“Our goal is to provide the residents of Baytown with quality emergency care. Our new outpatient facilities will guarantee minimal wait times and more personalized care.” Said Molly Jo McComas, Administrator of Altus Hospital.

We Now Offer Patients Four Convenient Locations to Receive Quality Emergency Room Care

As outpatient Emergency Rooms for Altus Hospital, both Altus Baytown ER and Neighbors ER will provide a full range of emergency medical services with the added benefit of minimal wait times and convenient locations.

“Patients who require hospitalization will be transferred to Altus Hospital in an expedited manner. Since we will operate under an integrated service platform, we expect transfer times to be lower than the 80-minute state average.” Commented, Molly Jo McComas.

Since September 4th, 2012, Altus Baytown ER has been an intrinsic part of the heart and soul of Baytown and its surrounding communities. Also, more recently acquired, Neighbors Emergency Centers is also well known for excellence and a vision to be the “best neighbors ever”. Both of their levels of service and attention to detail has led them to be considered synonymous with outstanding patient care.

Representatives at Altus Hospital Baytown reassured the community that the level of service and technological advancements that have characterized both emergency centers would continue.

This is not to say there won’t be changes. However, these changes will have a positive impact on all members of the community, especially senior citizens.

Medicare Benefits

When Altus Baytown ER and Neighbors Emergency Centers become outpatient ER departments for Altus Hospital Baytown, they will be able to accept Medicare Patients and be able to triage and transfer critical care patients to the main hospital faster.

For years, Medicare patients had limited access to emergency care as only hospital-based emergency rooms could provide them ER care.

Thanks to the visionary minds at ZT Corporate and Altus Hospital Baytown, we will help upgrade the availability of emergency care for our patients beginning on September 1st.

By converting the existing facilities of Altus Baytown ER and Neighbors Emergency Center into outpatient ER facilities of the hospital, they can effectively extend Medicare coverage.

Once this takes place, patients will have the right to choose to receive emergency medical care at a nearby facility that offers minimal wait times without compromising the quality of their care.

“We never understood why such an important segment of our community had no other recourse than to visit a hospital-based ER even if there were other facilities close by that could treat them. As soon as we saw an opportunity to help, we jumped on it. At Altus Hospital Baytown we strongly believe Medicare patients deserve the very best level of care.” – Administrator

Benefits of Additional Outpatient ER Facilities

Medicare patients won’t be the only ones who benefit from this partnership. Every resident of Baytown and surrounding areas will now be closer to a life-saving emergency room.

The addition of the outpatient ER facilities will help reduce the overcrowding issue that affects most hospital-based emergency departments, including that of Altus Hospital Baytown.

“One of the biggest problems in our emergency healthcare system is overcrowding. By adding more facilities to our network, we aim to not only provide convenience for patients but also to distribute the workload better to improve our service.” Administrator

Response times are also critical in an emergency room, Altus Baytown ER has recently implemented a quick online check-in form for patients. This simple online tool allows individuals to complete the check-in process while they are on their way to the ER, which is why they can offer a NO WAIT ER.

The information provided by the patient or their loved ones allows the ER staff to prepare for their arrival in advance. This tool has helped save the lives of many critical patients, as doctors and nurses were waiting for them at the door.

When Will This Take Place?

Altus Baytown ER and Baytown Neighbors Emergency Centers will officially become outpatient emergency rooms of Altus Hospital Baytown on September 1st, 2019.

Where Are These New Outpatient ER’s Located?

You can find The Altus Hospital Baytown ER and its outpatient Emergency Rooms at the following addresses:

Altus Hospital Baytown

1626 West Baker Road

Baytown, TX 77521

(281) 837-7600

Altus Baytown ER

1404 West Baker Road

Baytown, TX 77521

(281) 628-7300

Neighbors Emergency Center Baytown

6051 Garth Road

Baytown, TX 77521

(832) 695-2020

Neighbors Emergency Center Crosby

14120 FM 2100

Crosby, TX 77532

(281) 328-7770

Altus Hospital Expands its Emergency Room Care to Bring You the Best

Altus Hospital is where innovation meets quality care with a choice.

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